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  Your Leading Rubber Products Supplier in Australia

What We’re All About

Cool Rubber, an Australian based company, was founded in 2014. Our company is dedicated to becoming the market leader in the recycled rubber industry, specialising in converting used tyre rubber into a range of rubber crumb products. Cool Rubber excels in having all the rubber components for all of your cast In-Situ, running tracks, artificial grass In-Fills & recreation project needs. All our products are designed for Australian Safety Standard.

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Our Products

  • Durable, resilient, eco friendly and elastic

  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations

  • For sporting premises such as sports centres, kids playgrounds, running tracks and much more.


SBR granules

  • Made from recycled tyres & crumb rubber

  • Used for Artificial turf in fill surfaces

  • Base coat of playground surfacing

  • Base coat of sport & running track systems

  • Standard size: 1-4mm, 5-8mm

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  • Pre coloured SBR is available in a range of colours

  • Enabling you to create the ideal design you prefer

  • Mix, match and personalise it



  • Also made from recycled tyres & crumb rubber

  • Simple to install, easy to maintain and environmentally friendly

  • Size from 4mesh, 8mesh and 12mesh

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EPDM Colours & Features

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EPDM Colours & features

EPDM – features: 

  • Porous

  • Sound absorbent

  • Anti-Skid

  • Non-Flammable

  • Impact absorption

  • Elasticity

  • Economical

  • Easy installation & replacement

  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor

  • Durable & hard wearing

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Insect free

  • One year warranty

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Why choose us

  • We are an independent Australian supplier and a member of SAPIA

  • All 21 colours are peroxide-cured for superior colour stability and high UV resistance

  • Extra durability is guaranteed due to its high polymer content. Zero complaints received since our company was founded

  • Each bag of our products has been tested by ACOUSTOSCAN

  • Available for immediate pick up/delivery

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39 - 45 Vallance Street

St Mary's NSW 2760 Australia


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